Apricot Juice

Apricots are a real treat. Their softness and tender nature make them nearly impossible to travel or store. For that reason, they aren't hardly ever found in stores and are a true treasure fresh off the tree. 

On a trip to Grandma's house we found her apricot trees were ripening very fast in this year's summer heat. We quickly picked the tree clean, so in order to take advantage of nature's sweet goodness Grandma googled apricot nectar recipes. She's a no-sugar kind of gal so the recipe was simple. Wash, cut, pit and toss the fresh fruit in a large pot, add some water (a cup or two) and stew for about 30 minutes. She then let them cool a bit before she reached for her ReadyStrainer. The ReadyStrainer was set next to the sink with a bowl sitting directly below the ReadyStrainer's spout to capture any liquid. The batch of stewed apricots was placed directly into the ReadyStrainer and wha-la out flowed the fresh apricot juice.

Grandma helped it along by gently stirring the fruit with her measuring spoon, then tipped the ReadyStrainer to pour and capture the remaining apricot juice. The captured juice was transferred to her favorite carafe where she let it cool down in the refrigerator. 

The next morning, Grandma set out with the carafe in hand to share the treat with us. A cup of apricot juice sure tasted good with breakfast, and we can't wait to try her apricot cobbler with the fruit that remained in the ReadyStrainer!