Black Beans

The ReadyStrainer made its debut into the world just mere months before our son. He’s such a sweet boy full of smiles and definitely keeps us busy. As the months went on, it came time for our new little man to try solid foods! Therefore, most evenings I found myself making fresh foods for him to try. As I tired of mushing squash and carrots, I figured I’d try my hand at cooking black beans. It’s cheaper than canned beans and I have full control over what is included in them. 

The first step to delicious black beans is to rinse and pick through a bag of dried beans. All stones need to be removed, as well as any beans with imperfections. The ReadyStrainer is perfect for this because of the large size. It makes it easy to rinse and pick through the beans all at once.  

After the beans have been selected and rinsed, the dried beans need to be soaked in cold water. Some instructions may say to soak the beans for as few as 2-4 hours, but I don’t have time in the evenings to soak and cook the beans all at once. Therefore, I put the beans in cold water in the fridge before going to bed. The following evening, I rinsed the beans again using the ReadyStrainer. Then I simply boiled the beans until they were tender enough for baby to enjoy. I didn’t add any seasonings, not even salt. As he gets older I’ll start adding some flavors for him to enjoy. For now, it’s a simple protein for baby to taste test. 

After preparing an entire bag of dried beans, I quickly came to realize there is no way our little one was going to eat through all those beans! This was quickly solved by bagging up the beans in 1-cup quantities and freezing for later. We've since been enjoying the beans in tacos, soups, and salads!