Garden Blackberries

My favorite part of our back yard is the garden area containing a raspberry and blackberry patch. Raspberries are absolutely my favorite food. I cannot get enough of them and every year I consider turning the entire yard into one giant raspberry patch! However, then I remember the kids need somewhere to play and there probably still wouldn't be enough raspberries. Honestly, when it comes to raspberries I have not used the ReadyStrainer once. They go directly from the patch into my mouth!

Blackberries aren't as great as raspberries, but they sure are tasty. And it is hard to beat a blackberry cheesecake pie! It is a family favorite that I will be sure to share another day.

This year we had a large and beautiful blackberry production from our small patch. Typically, blackberry season comes with weather reaching over 100 degrees for days on end. If we were unable get to the blackberries in the morning they would burn in the heat by the afternoon. This year blackberry season came with 80 degree weather, which was perfect for allowing the berries to grow bigger and juicier than ever before. Our 9-year-old, V, did all the picking when the time was right. This picture is about half of the bounty from one day of picking. I didn't get the camera before we all started eating them! And baby E can't get enough!

All of us here at ReadyStrainer are hoping you are enjoying your garden as much as we are!