Lemon Orzo

Orzo is one pasta I don’t have much experience with. I thought I should give it a shot and was looking for something new, simple and fresh. While exploring meals and recipes, we decided to give Hello Fresh (meal delivery service) a try and found a dish with orzo as the side. Perfect! I wanted to pick a meal that had a quick cook time so that it had the best chance of fitting into our busy lives. I also couldn’t pass up a chance to test the ReadyStrainer out with orzo. This dish was called Winner Winner Chicken Orzo Dinner.

The preparation time posted on the recipe was 30 minutes and in reality the meal took me just under an hour from start to finish. It always takes a little longer to try new recipes, but I’m certain I could complete this meal faster the next time around. The orzo was by far my favorite part of this dish. I simply boiled the orzo until tender, squeezed some fresh lemon over the top and added some fresh parsley for a touch of green. That’s it! I loved it! And the ReadyStrainer performed just as expected! The water was successfully strained away, my orzo was kept clean and my sink was still available to rinse vegetables.



Pan-fried chicken and oven-roasted vegetables accompanied the lemon orzo. They were delicious, but the star of the menu in our house was definitely the orzo.


Overall, we were happy with Hello Fresh and were thankful for a little meal-planning ease and inspiration.