Steak Salad

I get so excited when fresh, local asparagus starts showing up in the grocery stores! It means spring is officially here and visiting my favorite local farmers market is just weeks away. I pair asparagus with just about anything, and it’s actually a favorite vegetable of little E. My favorite meal right now is steak salad, and it goes perfect with a side of asparagus! What goes better with greens other than more green?!

The ReadyStrainer’s oblong shape is perfect for long vegetables like asparagus. I can thaw my steak in the sink while the fresh vegetables are rinsed safely on my counter. Perfect!

Steak salad can be made many different ways. Every time I make it, I have different fruits and vegetables available. The most delicious pairing is steak and sweet potato, so I always make sure and have those on hand if I’m going to have steak salad for dinner. Some other favorite toppings to add are pears, peas, corn, and asparagus. A creamy yogurt-based ranch dressing is just perfect to top it all off.


We here at ReadyStrainer hope you are enjoying the start to this spring season!