U-Pick Cherries

One of our favorite spring activities is U-pick cherries. We live just down the road from a U-pick orchard and cherry season means the start to a summer full of cherries, peaches, nectarines and apples! This year we took along the ReadyStrainer on our first cherry picking adventure. In fact, we took along two.

I really like being able to estimate how many cherries we pick. In years past we happily picked cherries to find we had over 30 pounds of cherries to take home and try to fit in the fridge! It was far too many for us, but our friends and family sure enjoyed some of the extras! Now, I've learned that each ReadyStrainer can hold approximately 6 pounds of cherries. It's so easy to fill one up and be able to estimate how much will be on the scale.

This time we decided to go with all Bing cherries. The Benton and Rainier cherries are also very delicious, but Bings are the favorite of our house. Even our 1-year-old, E, reaches for Bing cherries first!

One ReadyStrainer full of cherries went straight from the fields to the scales to the sink for some rinsing. We don't have very good self-control when it comes to eating cherries so we can rinse a full ReadyStrainer at a time and start eating on them right away. The second ReadyStrainer goes straight into the fridge to be rinsed and eaten later. We find storing them in the fridge keeps them crisp and juicy - cherry perfection!

Happy fruit season everyone!!