About Us

I think we’ve all been there – rushing to make dinner for the family with a sink full of dishes from the previous days’ efforts. My intentions of keeping a clean house are sometimes overpowered by the realities of life. I have two boys and another one on the way. My 17 nieces and nephews also visit frequently. Needless to say, my wife and I are familiar with big meals and messy kitchens. In our house a kitchen full of dishes is a kitchen full of love...but I still needed to be able to use the sink.

I've spent many a night pondering solutions to ease life's daily challenges. I have to acknowledge that my joy of designing and tinkering stems from the generations before me. I was named after my grandfather, who was a craftsman and carpenter. My father - another master craftsman - built customs homes, and one of my fondest memories is designing and building my current house with him. Now I cherish designing and building furniture for the house with my own sons. I truly enjoy the challenge of filling a need with my own unique ideas and designs.

With my experience in the kitchen and my love of architecture and design, the idea for the ReadyStrainer was born. I’m convinced that anyone who loves to cook or entertain can benefit from the ReadyStrainer. I want to help people like me simplify their lives so they can spend more time doing the things they love. Take some time and look through my website (www.readystrainer.com) to learn how you can use the ReadyStrainer to prep, cook and entertain in your home. 

 Happy Cooking!